Criminal Justice

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Survivors of Violence Gathered at State Capitol for Lobby Day

Participants seek to connect with lawmakers about ways to invest in crime prevention strategies and resources for directly impacted communities.

Louisiana Police Tortured Man to Death: World Reacts in Horror

The ACLU of Louisiana asserts that "Greene was tortured to death by officers who denied him life-saving aid"

HB 346 Would Restore Justice to those Convicted by Non-Unanimous Juries

More than 1,500 people in Louisiana are still imprisoned due to Jim Crow juries, which were devised by white supremacists and ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Architecture Firm Seeks Input on Jail Expansion Design

While Sheriff Gusman insists that the jail expansion is necessary to incarcerate mentally ill New Orleanians, critics say the addition of a mental health facility is unnecessary.
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