The Greater New Orleans Foundation's annual day of giving surpassed last year's record of $7.1 Million raised for local organizations. The online event has raised over $40 million since its inception in 2014.‌

Each donation is designated to one of 700 participating nonprofit organizations, with a "Lagniappe Fund" that is distributed to organizations proportionally, based on how much each organization raised through the platform.

"At a time when there is so much need, the residents of Greater New Orleans have once again risen to the occasion and shown their extraordinary generosity" — Andy Kopplin, President & CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation

The Ogden and McGehee each raised over a quarter of a million dollars, with private schools Sacred Heart and Newman also raising nearly $100,000.

While Ogden's donations came from around 70 donors, Children's Hospital and Team Gleason Foundation received donations from over 1,000 donors each, with an average gift of approximately $100.

Eighteen participating organizations received no donations at all.