The New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund (NOTCF) yesterday announced the beginning of their initial grants program for culture bearers and special assistance for live entertainment and music venue relief. The NOTCF was formed to support culture bearers through partnerships, grants, and programs to advance sustainable tourism in New Orleans. This is the initial period of grant awards as the city moves forward in its recovery from COVID-19.

The grants program for culture bearers will distribute $600,000 during a grants period that begins Monday, May 17 and ends on Wednesday, June 30 or once funds have been completely distributed. A portion of the grants are set aside for live music venues to meet state required PPE regulations and to pay artists.

The grants will help musicians, artists, and culture bearers support their efforts to return to work. Musicians, artists, and non-profits can visit the to download grant applications and get more details on grant requirements.

The special grants for music venues are designed to support the re-opening of our cultural tourism infrastructure, including PPE requirements for re-opening and funding to pay musicians as they seek viable employment. The venue grants are $2,000 to cover PPE costs, with the opportunity to receive an additional $1,000 with verification of booking live entertainment. This support is provided in partnership with the City’s Office of Economic Development. Clubs, non-profit special events, and restaurants that offer live entertainment can apply. The special venue grants program (OPEN – NOLA Fund) is available for any venue that provides booking for musicians, visual artists, or other activities that extend the culture of New Orleans.

Direct grants to culture bearers are categorized into three levels based on the scope and impact of their proposed projects. These are on-going funds designed to sustain the people who create the culture and to enhance their economic viability. Requirements to receive these funds are detailed on the NOTCF website.

The NOTCF was created to specifically provide support and resources to our culture bearers who sustain the creative traditions of New Orleans and keep our city at the apex of destination locations in the world.

NOTCF – Culture is our open door