The Department of Public Works (DPW) has placed an inventory of 100 abandoned, booted or ticketed vehicles, and recently removed pay phone kiosks up for public auction.

Residents interested in bidding on the auction inventory may register and bid on the vehicles and kiosks. Bids will be accepted through 9 a.m. on June 3, 2021. Winning bidders will pay for their item online and may collect them in person at 10200 Almonaster Ave.

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Auctioneer | Bradley Mutz, GPPA, LA Lic # 1467<br>Auctioneer | Penny Mutz, CAI, LA Lic # 655 | ServCorp International, Inc.

Vehicles in the auction were removed from the public right of way after being abandoned by their owners. Additional pay phone kiosks will be made available for auction if residents demonstrate an interest in purchasing them. Once the kiosks are removed, the damaged concrete sidewalk panels on that spot will be repaired.

“Abandoned vehicles in the right of way create safety hazards by obstructing drivers’ line of sight, and limiting pedestrian access,” said Josh Hartley, Acting Director of DPW. “Removing these eyesores from public spaces demonstrates our commitment to improving quality of life in New Orleans.”

Residents who wish to report the locations of abandoned vehicles or pay phone kiosks may report them to 311.