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City Hall

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  • 1300 Perdido Street
Content sourced from City Hall press releases.

Mirabeau Avenue Area Roadwork Complete

More than 60 roadwork projects are under construction across the city, valued at nearly $600 million.

Pay Phones up for Auction

Once the pay phones are removed, the damaged concrete sidewalk panels on that spot will be repaired.

City is Developing Supplier Emergency Resource Directory

Growing the supplier portal is critical to help the City provide essential services to the public during emergencies.

Breeze Airways Launches at MSY with 10 Destinations

With New Orleans as an operations base for the airline, Breeze Airways will make a capital investment of $6.6 million at MSY and will create 261 new direct jobs, with an average salary of $65,000, plus benefits.

Meal Assistance Program Ends

The program provided nearly 3.3 million meals to over 24,000 New Orleanians.

Tourism and Cultural Fund Awarding Grants to Live Music Venues

The grants program for culture bearers will distribute $600,000. A portion of the grants are set aside for live music venues to meet state required PPE regulations and to pay artists.

Mayor Cantrell Briefs John Kerry on NOLA Climate Policies

"Now is the time for us to pivot toward more growth sectors, and we see that being in blue and green infrastructure," the Mayor said.
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